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In Greek mythology Elpis was the personification of hope. She was the last spirit to remain in the jar after Pandora unleashed the evils that were in it. Feel the spirit this summer by wearing this beautiful pair of thing sandals made of calf leather.

✓ Perfect traction: Durable anti-slippery rubber soles with a slightly upraised heel. 

✓ For everyday use and for all occasions.

✓ 100% Handmade in Greece.

✓ Handcrafted with calf leather®

✓ They will get the shape of your foot since is natural leather.

✓ Color: Natural

Keep in mind that the color of the Natural leather will get darker through time and use due to the aging process of natural vegetable tanned leather. It is absolutely natural. Avoid getting them wet in sea water because they will get very dark and stiff. There are not water-resistant. 

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