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Everything you want in a sandal is simplicity and elegance. This simple and beautiful flat women's pair of sandals with a wide strap design will prove to be the ideal companion for that weekend getaway! We at LeatherStrata design & manufacture all our leather goods right here in Greece, using traditional leather techniques. Our sandals are very robust and hard-wearing.
IOCASTE black sandals are the perfect summer slides for everyday use and for all occasions. They have soft anatomic leather insoles and durable anti-slippery rubber soles with a slightly upraised heel. They will get the shape of your foot since is natural leather. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they will become!

➊ Nude Nubuck
➋ Black

About LeatherStrata's ➊ Nubuck Leather:
To make the nubuck, the outer layer of the calfskin is used, then the leather has to be sanded from the outside of the skin producing a velvet-like surface! The nubuck is more expensive than suede and therefore logically is stronger and will last longer. It is soft to the touch, scratches easily, and water drops darken it temporarily (it dries to its original color). Because the nubuck is sanded from the outside, there maybe some apparent natural imperfections of the leather. Those imperfections are those that give character to the nubuck.

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